Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mew Year's Resolutions

Hi all, Lila here. I hope that you've recovered from all the festivities and have settled back into the drudgery of the daily grind...
We are back at home now after our 3 out of 5 star stay at the "luxury cat hotel" (luxury my furry butt - more like Pawlty Towers). We were looked after well enough, I suppose, but we were out in the country somewhat ("rural retreat" it said on TripAdvisor...) and the whole place stank of manure. We were so disgusted with the stench that we eventually resorted to tipping over our waterbowl onto our blankets, so they had to be washed. Mmm - at last we could get some relief by burying our noses in the sweet scent of Lenor!  It was a good tactic, but unfortunately the day we did it turned out to be the day we were picked up, so probably not really worth the wet paws.
Rachel made a fuss of us when we got home, calling us "my little ponies"... by yesterday she declared we were smelling more like rabbits, and today she says we are back to normal again according to her nostrils at least. Phew. They say the coffers are empty now so none of us will be going on holiday again for a while, hurrah!
Anyway, since it's now 2011, we've been thinking about our New Year's Resolutions. Mia's is to cut out dairy completely from her diet, she says it makes her feel bloated (but I know she just ate too much Whiskas at the hotel...).
Mine is to be a bit more helpful to Rachel and Pete around the house. I'm starting off small - getting acquainted with the dustbuster.
Next, maybe I'll figure out how to stack the dishwasher. Have you made any resolutions this year?
PS - apparently our cat video made it onto a Guardian blog!  We're true middle-class liberal kitties now!

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