Monday, 14 March 2011

Curiosity Soaked The Cat

Now I am definitely one of those kitties who's able to laugh at themselves, but I really didn't want to tell you about this.  It actually happened a little while ago, and I'd hoped that my clumsiness would have been forgotten by now, but it seems it's not to be.  To cut a long story short, Lila and I were racing in the garden yesterday and to make it a bit more interesting, we started betting with Whiskas Temptations.  15 minutes later I was knackered, Lila was victorious, and I had somehow agreed to post these photos on the blog...
So here's the story. It was late one September evening; Pete was getting ready for bed and Lila was napping, so I went to find Rachel. Unexpectedly, she was sitting in the bathroom in a huge pool of water, and there was some mystical, shimmering foam floating over the top.  I had to have a closer look, so I jumped up behind Rachel's head and leaned forward to have a sniff.  Mmm, it smelled purrfect!!


There wasn't much of it near her head, though, so I decided to walk towards the huge cloud of it by her feet.  I hadn't got far when I realised I was in trouble.  There was only an inch or so to walk on, and I was wobbling all over the place.  I started to reverse, but my back paw slipped, and before I knew it I was plunging headfirst through the bubbles.  I was completely submerged!  I could hear Rachel squealing, and then I felt something under my belly, and in a second my head burst back through to the air and I was able to scramble out.  I was utterly soaked and didn't know what to do, so I shook the mystical foam off all my legs in turn, ran into the lounge and hid under a chair.


Eventually I let Rachel wrap me in a towel and we had a nice cuddle on the sofa. I've cropped this photo to preserve Rachel's modesty - it wasn't just me who got out of the bath in a hurry...


After a little while I had got over the shock and started to dry myself off.


In a way it all worked out ok in the end, as we got to sleep in Rach & Pete's warm bedroom, as they were worried I'd catch a chill.  Also I smelled really delicious for at least a week, apparently it was a Lush bath bomb in the water.  But overall I wouldn't recommend it.  It was very, very embarrassing.
Are you happy now Lila?!  Humph.  I'll get you back for this!!

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