Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Ministerial Missive

Well so much for the first days of spring - we're freezing our pawpads off here at the moment!  Mia and I are once again fighting for exclusive evening rights to warm laps.  Mia is winning these bouts more often than she used to, unfortunately, as she's put on a couple of pounds over the winter, the little chubster!  So I am generally back on radiator duties.  It's all good though - on full whack the radiator pumps out a lot more heat than a human lap - although you do forgo the chin scratches, which is a shame.


We got an exciting letter today though, to take our mind off the icicles forming under our nose.  We saw the official Downing Street seal on the envelope as soon as it hit the doormat this morning, but not having opposable thumbs we had to wait impatiently until Rachel got home from work to see what was inside (we did try to open it with our claws, but no luck).  It's a letter from Larry the Downing Street Cat!!  Well, it's officially signed by a Mr S Caine, but it's obvious Larry dictated.


We had sent some collars off to him last month when he first arrived - a blue one, and a yellow one, so that Dave and Nick (whoever they are) would both be happy.  Mia is completely star struck over the letter and I think has got a little crush on the big tabby man-cat... obviously I am far too grown up for that kind of silliness!


PS: Larry if you are reading this, you can get in touch with me via the PO Box address I slipped into the envelope...

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