Friday, 25 March 2011

Real-Time Blogging: Cat-Nap

Ooh I'm very excited, these photos were taken only 5 minutes ago, and they're already on the blog!  Rachel's at home today, you see, and we do love it when this happens, because we can follow her around all day, yay!
Today it's really sunny and warm, so Lila and I went outside and showed Rachel how we like to rub our faces on the catnip and roll all around it, even though it's only tiny green stubs at the moment.  Then Lila went up the tree at the end of the garden and meowed at some magpies, who were making a right racket.  She came down covered in yellow tree pollen so Rachel got worried and wiped it off with a wet flannel, icky!  Luckily the tree is a better tree than the one on Monday, we go up and down this one all the time with no problems.
So we do love Rachel being around during the day; but after inspecting the garden, we like to nap on the big bed, and she gets a bit annoying and just can't leave us alone.  She keeps coming in and tickling our tummies and saying "ooh, who's having a little sleepy-peep?" (well, WE were, until YOU came and woke us!).  And "mmm, you're sooo soft", which is nice I guess, but a bit tiring when you're trying to sleep.  And then she gets the flashy box out and snaps at us, grrr!  Anyway since she well and truly woke me up from my 40 winks, I thought I'd show you the photos.
Lila is much better at ignoring her than I am as you can see from this shot.  But it looks like she has far too many legs!!
Oh well I guess I might as well go check on the garden again, and see if any more food has appeared in my bowl.  See you soon blog buddies!!

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