Friday, 8 July 2011

Lovely Lila

Hey there, remember me?! Your friendly, slightly cynical, blogging black cat? It's not just Mia who lives around here you know. But it does seem that pretty much every blog post recently has been about the little tortie. Yes I know she's cute, and photogenic, but there are lots of nice shots of me around too!! Plus, I've been a bit depressed this week, I don't know why, I've just been moping about a little. But now I'm back to my normal self, hooray, so it's time to redress the balance and have a Lila-centric post!

Here I am curled up on Rachel's lap. I'm really good at cuddling, much better than Mia, who's easily distracted and will give an unsuspecting human a kick in the gut as she bounces off to investigate whatever's caught her interest.


My next favourite thing to do is squirming around on the floor, showing my belly. It isn't quite as floofy as Mia's though, and you WILL lose your fingers if you tickle my tummy; although I very occasionally let Rachel & Pete have a gentle stomach stroke.


Here I'm sitting on the bedroom windowsill, thinking about things. I'm often to be found by windows, trying to work out if there's any way out. I have jumped out of this window recently, I skidded off the bay window roof below and landed on the car. Gave Rachel quite a shock, I tell you...


Ahh, enjoying the garden. I love it out there and wish we were allowed outside all the time, not just in the day. This particular flower is my greatest foe, my sworn enemy. Oh wait, I mean my sworn anemone.


So there you go, some nice photos of me and I hope you've got to know me better. I'm not all sarky comments and put downs you know!


HEY, who put that one in?! Good job I'm feeling happy again...  grrr...

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