Sunday, 17 July 2011


It's been a while since we've had a Box to play with. This latest one came with a new move-cat-hair-around-the-floor machine; although as an aside, we were very disappointed to see that this machine is more of an actually-sucks-hair-up-quite-effectively machine, which is a bit rubbish. We shall obviously have to double our rolling on the floor efforts to ensure the carpet is always adequately coated with fur.

Anyway ... so this Box appeared in the lounge, and it's really an excellent box. It's just the right size for ONE cat to sleep in.


Mia, it's PLENTY big enough for one cat. There's no need to be so overdramatic!


There are these handy holes to poke the sleeping cat through, if you happen to be the cat NOT sleeping in the box.


They're good for peeping through too.

Boxthree4 Boxthree5
There's a flippy lid which you can crawl under, or dash through. You can also get a human to shut the lid on you, and then wait for a while and then BURST out of it at an opportune moment when the other human walks past. That's great fun!


And also quite tasty! Nothing like a bit of extra roughage in the diet. Nom nom.


So all in all, this is a great box. Probably the best of the three featured so far on our blog; although the really huge box back in February was fun, its size meant we didn't get to play with it for long. This box has already been around a couple of weeks and shows no sign of going anywhere yet. Hooray!

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